Select Board seeks new Broadband Manager

Kimberly Longey and Brian Hawthorne to retire after 16 years and transition Plainfield Broadband to new leadership.

After 16 years of effort building Plainfield’s broadband network and enterprise, Kimberly Longey (manager) and Brian Hawthorne (assistant manager) have announced their decisions to step down as staff of the Plainfield Light and Telecommunications Department, aka Plainfield Broadband). Both are proud of the town’s success in building a state-of-the-art fiber network that is currently serving 280 subscribers, and they are committed to supporting the next manager during the transition to new leadership.

The Select Board hires the Broadband Manager. The Manager may hire an assistant manager or other staff as needed, within the approved budget for broadband staffing ($10,000 in FY 2023). The Manager also contracts with multiple service providers to ensure smooth operations 24/7/365 and to conduct monitoring, repairs and maintenance as needed

Scope of Work: The Manager oversees the general operations of Plainfield Broadband Department and works closely with retained internet service provider and network operator (Whip City Fiber). This work requires between 8 and 24 hours per month, depending on time of year (average 12 hours a month). No regular “office hours” are required, though availability to conduct occasional department business during Monday to Friday daytime hours is required. This position has been performed in a home office environment, as space in town offices is limited. Strong project, financial and problem solving skills required. Desire to help our financially stable town-owned broadband network continue to grow is a must. The position receives a $3,500 annual stipend. Desired start is July 2022.

For More Information: Contact current Broadband Manager Kimberly Longey ( or Assistant Manager Brian Hawthorne (

To Apply: Send expression of interest via email to: Please include your full name, address, contact information and a brief description about why you are interested in this position and what qualifications you would bring to the work (500 words or less). Responses before June 30, 2022 are appreciated.

Plainfield Broadband Manager Position Posting

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