SCBA and Self-Rescue

Members of Plainfield Fire-EMS train on SCBA use and self-rescue techniques.

On March 2, 2023, ten members of the Plainfield Fire-EMS Department trained on use of SCBA and self-rescue techniques. The training, led by Captain Robert Shearer and Firefighter Finn McMillan, covered proper donning of turnout gear and SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus), how to check that PPE (personal protective equipment) is worn correctly and functioning properly, and techniques firefirefighters can use if they become lost of trapped. These self-rescue techniques included how to follow a hoseline by feel (training that is often called "long lug out") and how to breach and escape through a studded wall with wire entaglement. Continuous training like this keeps each firefighter's skills sharp and builds confidence and strength.

Firefighter Nate Wooldridge practicing a wall breach

Plainfield firefighters reviewing proper PPE donning techniques

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